How to take amazing photos of wildlife using a GoPro

Have you got a GoPro or thinking about getting one? Like the idea of getting beautiful shots of wildlife but not sure if the GoPro is up to the task?
In this post I will talk you through my methods of how I’ve captured images of wildlife using my GoPro.… Learn more!

Time lapse setting on the GoPro.

In this post I am going to talk you through the time lapse setting. What its used for, how to use it and when to use it.
I staid clear of it for quite a while when I first got the GoPro, I had seen some beautiful time lapse video’s but I was never to sure how I could make my own unique time lapse videos.… Learn more!

Second step to mastering the GoPro.

Not long after our first shoot we decided to go out again and get some more animals shots!
we went back down to the same area we were before to get a few squirrel shots before heading to the seafront. we decided to play about with a few different angles here’s a few we got on our first attempt.… Learn more!