About us.

Dan (Left) Will (Right)

This is us! I’m on the left, my names Dan. On the right we have Will, we are two Amateur photographers who have recently decided to share our story from the beginning!

In 2015 we purchased some GoPro’s. Before going travelling we realised how absolutely brilliant they were at capturing curious creatures such as squirrels and birds. We were both so fascinated with the images we produced that it became a full time hobby!
since then we have both been on different adventure’s across the world and capturing every bit we possibly could.
Whilst we still have plans to continue travelling and when we’re home bound we have plenty of wildlife and brilliant natural shots to take we decided to share our journey with you all along the way.


This is our favourite picture we have taken so far and we hope its yours too!
Keep an eye on our Blog Posts and Gallery to keep up to date with our little adventure!

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