Palm oil – what needs to be done?

It has been a little while since I have posted on Weekendwildlife and that is because we have been trying to decide what direction we wanted it to go.
Originally we planned to show the beauty of the world, different species of animals and give knowledge of their well being. This is still what direction we want it go but unfortunately there are too many bad things in the way that need to be fixed before we can truly appreciate the world for what it is.
We are hugely inspired by Sir David Attenborough and the immense impact he has made on showing the bad side and spreading awareness. In his series he is now showing the effects that plastic have in our sea’s and how palm oil is a direct link to global warming and the annihilation of our crucial rain forests.

Weekend wildlife wish to continue giving facts and tips on these issues and do whatever we can to help spread awareness and maybe in time see the world reform back to a natural state.

What is palm oil?

Palm oil is harvested from oil palm trees and can be used in just about everything! It can be found in almost all processed foods, shampoo, and even deodorant.
If farmed sustainable palm oil is not a threat at all. The increasing demand for palm oil across the world is causing a devastating wave of jungles and forests being burned down and excavated into oil palm fields.

The effects on the planet.

To make way for oil palm fields the quickest way of clearing a part of a forest is setting it on fire. This wipes out masses and masses of forests and Jungles everyday and it goes without saying that this is already sending a huge amount of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere to assist in global warming.
The reduction of forests also decreases the amount of trees absorbing all the CO2 in the atmosphere, this is of great concern as forests can take decades to recover even if they were aloud their land back.

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The effects on wildlife.

The most famous directly affected animal is the Orangutan an already endangered species.
The orangutans population is around 104,000 roughly, 100 years ago it was predicted to be around 230,000 so in 100 years they have over halved in population.
That is the total of all Orangutans up until 2017 it was believed that there were two types. The Bornean Orangutan which has a count of around 95,000 – 100,000. Then there is the Sumatran Orangutan which is classed as critically endangered with numbers of up to 7,500.
But in 2017 a third type of orangutan was named. The Tapanuli Orangutan are the most endangered of all the great apes with no more that 800 individuals. These are the most publicised creatures directly affected by palm oil plantations. By no means are they the only ones.
other creatures badly affected are the pygmy elephant with around 40,000 – 50,000 left due to loss of habitat and grazing area’s.
All creatures native to them forests are being forced into smaller and smaller area’s with less food and more competition.

What can we do to help?

Sometimes this can seem completely out of your control but it isn’t!

there are many things you can do to help this serious problem we face which may seem tiny but will help a great deal!
First things first just take a look in your food cupboard. Look at the ingredients on each thing, does it have palm oil in it?
I guarantee you over 50% of the food in your cupboard in it will contain palm oil but don’t worry! you don’t have to chuck away all your food!
look for the RSPO certification. This represents that the palm oil is from more sustainable farming (by no means is it 100% sustainable) This is an excellent way to start.
Cant find the RSPO certification? then think to yourself if you can live without it or is there a product similar?
It is hard but every step counts!
aside from that I would definitely recommend supporting at least one charity that aids in either the rescue of the animals or the slowing down of production of palm oil.

In the coming weeks I will be researching and talking to people and finding out anything I can which will aid in restoring the Earth to its former glory!

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