4 reasons to get the the GoPro.

Everyone knows about the GoPro by now, its a brilliant little camera that’s famed for its versatility, size and unique view on videos and photography.
If you are a traveller it is basic human right to have access to a GoPro!
Originally I purchased one for that reason alone! I was going travelling and I needed an affordable, high quality camera to capture the moment.

It wasn’t till I bought one that i realised quite how amazing this little camera is! You would not believe the view it ha son its wide angle lens, it can pick things up that you couldn’t even pick up in the corner of your eye!

Here are some of the reasons I think it is a truly amazing and more importantly affordable camera:

GoPro Video.

The GoPros main feature is the video options, it is full of them! In another post I will go into more detail but to give you an idea it has 7 different quality options from WPS to 4K! and each one is as important as the next depending on what you want to use the GoPro for.
If you want to get amazing slow motion shots as you are plummeting down the side of a mountain on a moutain bike (or something less extreme) then a lower quality setting is best, this allows you to add more frames per second to capture a non blurry slow motion madness!

However if you are using the GoPro for slower video’s such as watching a beautiful rediculously expensive yaught slowly drifting off into the sunset then a higher quality video with less frames per second such as 2.7K or 4K is perfect for you!

But have a play about with it first and to know each setting as I am going off information i have gathered from my GoPro Hero 4. At this point in time there is in fact a GoPro Hero 7! And from what i understand with each upgrade they have successfully increased frames per second on all Video settings!
Great news!

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Photos on the GoPro.

On The GoPro Hero 4 the camera is a 12mp on wide FOV! This is great! It takes amazing photos, it really does! Any landscape is instantly captured with the GoPros high quality camera. Obviously one problem with it is that it does not have a zoom, you can narrow down the field of view which is essential if you are taking pictures of a smaller view or even a pet!

This can make it awkward if you are trying to take a headshot of someone and you keep slowly edging forward until you are nearly on top of them! although saying tht , you can take a good selfie with one if you have a selfie stick!
you can still get a good selfie without but the Field of view is so wide you might just need to crop you finger out when they are wrapped round the GoPro lens!
Also when taking far away landscape shots of a valley or a town sometimes the tree’s or the building can all meld into one. The GoPro can take a shot wth such a wide field of view that ot captures almost too much in some shots and it can make the image fall a bit flat!
However this is an Image i took of my hometown from a big hill known as the East hill

What i thought was a massive town suddenly looked so small and insignificant. But never the less a beautiful shot!

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GoPro versatility

A camera that can go under water, fit in my pocket and film in 4K….Yeah right!
But yeah it actually exists!
Not much to be said here, even if it was a knock off that’s not built quite so sturdy but had the same options as the GoPro is still a really versatile camera! there is no limit to what can be discovered and captured with a little camera like this! you can literally take it everywhere!

GoPro accessorise!

This is just a continuation of the versatile section. The GoPro comes with such an array of accessorise it just extends what can be done with this camera!
Chest straps, head straps, selfie sticks, buoyancy attachments and so much more!
You don’t even need to be holding on to it! Going sky diving? Put it on your chest. Going swimming? make sure it doesn’t sink! just add a buoyancy attachment to clear your mind of worry!
And you can even buy more advanced cases for it if you are diving at deeper depths!


I hope I’ve convinced you, i certainly convinced myself! My next purchase will be a GoPro Hero 7! When i get one I will right a full detailed review to make sure they are sticking with their quality!
But seriously it is an absolutely great little camera that you can take any where on your adventures and it maintains absolute crisp quality even without editing the footage.

It can be difficult sometimes to figure out what settings best suit you for certain activities but it doesn’t take long to figure out!
The most important thing is that it is really affordable, some amateur photographers go in too hard and end up buying a professional camera that they don’t know how to use. This is a perfect stepping stone for like minded people or an excellent camera to capture your memory’s as you cruise round the world!

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I hope you enjoyed my post and if you would like to add something or give your opinion on the GoPro leave a comment below!

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