Second step to mastering the GoPro.

Not long after our first shoot we decided to go out again and get some more animals shots!
we went back down to the same area we were before to get a few squirrel shots before heading to the seafront. we decided to play about with a few different angles here’s a few we got on our first attempt.

Admittedly as you can see we did use a little bit of persuasion!
These were just with the GoPros naturally resting on the floor to get a face to face shot of the squirrels.
In the middle picture with them sitting on the tree, that particular tree we noticed to be very active with squirrels running up and down constantly so we decided to have a camera facing upwards against the trunk to see if we could get any clear shots of them climbing.
not only did we succeed the squirrel quite clearly knew what was going on and decided he wanted a piece of the action.
as he climbed down the tree he stopped to give us a little flirty pose!

Look how cute he is!

This photo is by far our favourite one so far! he just has a certain look to him that says “Hey, How you doin’?”
He continued to walk down the tree closer and closer to the camera so we captured that as well as he is a fine looking squirrel!

Off to the seafront!

As much as we love them we couldn’t stick around with the squirrels for long, we were after something new!
we continued walking through the park where we bumped into a few new animals to try and capture.
we gave it our best shot but most of the other animals in the park are reasonably timid and hard to get close to.

I like to think we got a few good ones! My favourite out of these ones is the magpie in flight. There’s something in that picture that makes me see the bigger picture…or something like that, i don’t know…
The ducks proved very difficult! for some reason they knew about the camera and weren’t keen on getting too close although the shots chosen definetlty reflect on how beautiful the mallard duck actually is.

Nearly out the park…

our quickest route to the coast is through the local park, we merely planned on walking through it and got caught up with all the wildlife it has to offer. We had to make one last stop…
Right by the exit there is a pond beaming with life and all around the edges are hungry pigeons eagerly awaiting a family with bread.
we weren’t a family but we definitely had bread!
a quick 5 minute stop and it didn’t take long before we had some brilliant pictures!

Even some Ducks were brave enough to show their face! And the pigeon stuffing his face so much it looks like he’s taking part in a choir. Well… He’s just amazing!

But on with the show! Lets get to the beach!

Finally at the beach.

We finally got to the seafront! it’s a beautiful day so we set up camp on our stade, a nice clear area to get some coastal life!
So we set the camera’s up, all recording! Now what?
Perhaps throw one chip? see what happens…

Well that wasn’t difficult! This was a very successful day!

The seagulls were definitely the funnest part! All it took was one chip and within a second it was carnage!
So we were very successful today in capturing images from film taken from a GoPro, But there is one obvious problem in this post, the animals we have pictured aren’t necessarily the rarest creatures around, In fact they are all probably the most common animals in the Uk so its not hard to get up close and personal with them as they are used to it on a daily basis, this makes it 100 times easier to capture these animals with the GoPro as the GoPro has a very wide lens without the option of Zooming in although it has given us the opportunity to get an incredibly unique angle and view on these not so timid animals!

This is something we will keep you posted on as we try and figure out new tips for capturing not so eager and inquisitive creatures

Thank you so much for reading this far! i know i wouldn’t have!
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