How to take amazing photos of wildlife using a GoPro

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Have you got a GoPro or thinking about getting one? Like the idea of getting beautiful shots of wildlife but not sure if the GoPro is up to the task?
In this post I will talk you through my methods of how I’ve captured images of wildlife using my GoPro. Is it the best camera for you or not?
It is very tricky using the GoPro as it does not have a zoom meaning you have to get very up close and personal with the animals you want to take a photograph of.

Is it Possible to capture photographs of animals using the GoPro?

It is possible! But can be very tricky depending on what animals you would like to capture.
It solely depends on the animal you want to get and how timid or brave that animal maybe.
Domesticated animals are by far the easiest. You can approach them without them fearing what you are doing with that thing on your hand.
Wild animals are certainly more trickier as you will struggle to get up close and personal when trying to capture that perfect shot! Simple solution. Put the GoPro down and walk away. read more

Time lapse setting on the GoPro.

In this post I am going to talk you through the time lapse setting. What its used for, how to use it and when to use it.
I staid clear of it for quite a while when I first got the GoPro, I had seen some beautiful time lapse video’s but I was never to sure how I could make my own unique time lapse videos.
I hope this information helps you figure out the time lapse setting or maybe you haven’t purchased a GoPro yet and you are looking into how you could use one.

What is a Time lapse video?

Very good question for beginners. I’m sure you have seen a time lapse video, possibly of a tide coming in? or a plant flowering in spring. Maybe a sunset over a gorgeous landscape smoothly slipping into darkness as the sun falls below a mountain peak.

So here it is. The time lapse is essentially just a video. You leave you GoPro to record whatever you would like to get a lapse of and it pretty much does the rest for you!

But what does it do?

The GoPro will be recording. However it only takes one frame in a certain amount of time for example: one frame every 10 seconds.
So after an hour of recording you should have but a tiny fraction of a video merged into one.
This means that even the smallest movements recorded such as a sun setting will be captured.
Keep reading to see my example of this at the bottom of the page. read more

The Greek island of Kos.

Kos is one of many of the beautiful Greek islands, closer to Turkey however.
A friend of mine lived over there a few summers ago, I went out to see what all the fuss was about.
I stayed at a lovely hotel in Tingaki (Tigaki) a very small little town with one main road and a scattering of house’s wherever they fit! It was beautiful! The relaxed atmosphere, 30 or above temperatures and the distant sound of pop music coming from all hotels and bars down the road.
I only spent a short week there but each day was filled with something incredible! Here i’m going to list a few amazing sights I saw and the general atmosphere of Kos, Greece! read more

Sydney or Melbourne?

Sydney or Melbourne? This was a question I thought to myself a lot but also found nearly all other travellers were asking the same thing. So here i’m going to give you some standouts from each. Hopefully you can make the decision on where to stay for you.


Sydney often mistaken for the capital of Australia (for good reason, seeing as Canberra is crazily uninteresting). It has everything you could expect in a capital. With its super busy streets all throughout central.

With a large Asian influence in a lot of the city there is plenty to eat. Loads of different oriental cuisines dotted around. China towns just off the main streets (providing some great cheap dumplings!) while being a nice route to get to Paddy’s market. An indoor market ideal for finding those cheap smart clothes you might need for interviews. With friendly stall owners open to a bit of haggling! read more