The Mallard Duck!

The Mallard Duck is one we all know! The male standing proud with a stunning deep green head and the female with beautiful dark and light brown rippling down the whole body.
It is very difficult to walk past any mass of freshwater in the UK without seeing at least one Mallard duck preening its feathers or following close behind you to see if you have any bread!… Learn more! “The Mallard Duck!”

The Cormorant.

The Cormorant is a reasonably large aquatic bird found mostly in coastal areas and around lakes and reservoirs further inland.
Their long neck and thick beak make them look almost prehistoric.
The Cormorant is more well known for being very dark in colour although some can be seen with lighter brown heads or even white crests.… Learn more! “The Cormorant.”

The grey squirrel – Pest or not?

In the UK we all know what a grey squirrel is and it would be incredibly rare to hear someone say they had never seen a grey squirrel, especially where I live in the south east I see grey squirrels on a daily basis.… Learn more! “The grey squirrel – Pest or not?”

How to take amazing photos of wildlife using a GoPro

Have you got a GoPro or thinking about getting one? Like the idea of getting beautiful shots of wildlife but not sure if the GoPro is up to the task?
In this post I will talk you through my methods of how I’ve captured images of wildlife using my GoPro.… Learn more! “How to take amazing photos of wildlife using a GoPro”